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RenoHelp’s services are here to save you time and money on your building project. We do this by providing support, assistance and management throughout all phases:


  • Organised Project Management
  • Professional advice and direction
  • Dispute resolution – to help you get a fair deal
  • Engagement & Coordination of design consultants
  • Professional Plan Reviews
  • Professional Contract Reviews
  • Builder selection & management
  • Building process navigation
  • Problem Solving

Supporting Your Design

We’ll Organise Your Designers

  • The development of a Scope for Designers to quote on including Planning and/or Building requirements
  • Identifying suitable Designers to approach for quotes
  • Evaluating and seeking clarification on the quotes provided
  • Making a recommendation to engage a particular Designer supported by a tabulation that compares and normalises all of the quotes

We’ll Organise Your Engineers

This includes:

  • Arranging quotes
  • Evaluating the quotes
  • Making a recommendation to engage a particular engineering firm

We’ll Touch Up Your Concept and Planning Design

This eliminates discrepancies, errors, conflicts and omissions, and prevents them from being carried forward into working drawings.

    We’ll Manage Your Working Drawings and Specifications

    Reviews in detail to ensures discrepancies, errors, conflicts and omissions are not carried forward into the construction phase.

      For clarity, RenoHelp can do all or any combination of the above for any given client.


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